The reason


New kind of society for a new kind of mobility.

Today we are at the beginning of a technological and cultural revolution never seen before, a revolution that is changing and will change forever the way we move in the future. This revolution is led by society that today is mobility and mobility today is life.

2. Future

Fluidity is the key

Today the vehicles manufacturers are looking for new business models, new forms and concepts of mobility, fluid and flexible. The biggest change of today is a social change. Society became fluid and today people have a different lifestyle, culture, interests and needs and the primary goal is to re-think the user mobility experience.


Change is in the Air.

Everything is Society for this reason the vehicle manufacturers should be more flexible and fluid to fix and respond for the daily changes. Today there are new players on the market and for this reason everyone must be ready for the next big revolution.


Upgrade is the Key.

In the near future being able to upgrade your vehicle will be a milestone in the future of mobility. Upgrading will allow industries to be flexible in the production line to offer different products for different situations to the user. This strategy will bring benefits both in the industrial plant where vehicle manufacturers can save time, production processes, develop new business models. and for the user there will be an amazing improvement in the mobility experience making it personal.


Simplification is the ultimate sophistication.

For vehicle manufacturers it is very important to reduce the components and simplify the interior architecture of vehicles by rationalizing all the various electronic and software systems in a single universal solution, this is what TUC does.


Always improve, always simplify, always innovate.

Improvement is the synthesis of study and constant innovation, TUC today presents a solution that improves overall system performance by 80%. today is pre-industrialized.