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CORE technology


Universal modular and scalable connector for different devices with structural fixing point, power & data linked to a unique wiring for the whole cabin.


Mechanical anchorage with scalable design 12V power input (automotive standard battery) data connection with Ethernet 802.3 protocol lock-unlock actuation system compliance to ECE R010 and ECE R014

TUC.brain & OS

Unique and optimized electronics and software for the whole cabin management.


Wi-Fi + GSM connectivity Wired connection to plugs (daisy chain) 12V power input (automotive standard battery) Data gateway with Ethernet 802.3 protocol Lock-unlock control logic Compliance to ECE R010 and ISO26262 CAN/LIN/MOST port

User data management, diagnostic, prognostic, software upgrades, providing pay-per-use services


Users database Licenses database OEM and models databases Devices database (seats, etc.) API connection Cybersecurity/encryption

TUC scalable software platform, User digital experience, remote control, web integration, unlock personal user experience cabin.

TUC.system logic

When a component is plugged into the TUC.plug, the TUC OS and the brain understand the typology and the integrated functions by managing it automatically, this logic is applied to both dashboards, seats and smart devices.

The connectivity of TUC.brain allows connection to cloud infrastructures, this makes software updates, vehicle remote management and diagnostics possible.

TUC.system modularity

Discover the plug&play components upgrade, downgrade and personalizzation with TUC.system.

Process Optimization & cost reduction

Our Technology mokups

Our obsession has always been to continue our studies. We have made over 13 technological prototypes of in all its components. Today we have reached the level of technology validated in a relevant environment and we are proceeding with industrialization.

The TUC pre-industrialized system prototype it was implemented in a Volkwagen MEB platform kindly provided by the group.

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Plug&play of the seats
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Plug&play of the dasboards
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TUC.system scalability

Components Upgrade Downgrade and personalizzation with standard

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