Press Release

30/09/2022 starts the Talent Upgrade Course.

A route towards giving the most appropriate value to the growth of our talents.

Being part of TUC requires Vision, Courage, Thinking, Entrepreneurial spirit and capability in every challenge we face. 

We believe in technology and people, in the power of ideas, in simplicity and progress to reach the optimum, in lateral thinking to search for ingenious technology.

Transparency and Give Back approach guide us.

All our people are a pure expression of those values.

Therefore, we want to give back the value they are generating for TUC every day.

We are proud to announce the start of our Talent Upgrade Course, a route towards giving the most appropriate value to the growth of our talents.

A Strategic course immediately boosted by the growth of two of our talents that will have new assignments and more responsibilities within TUC Team, as a reward of their
contribution to our Mission.

Effective October 1st, Alessandro Berruti, who joined TUC in January 2022 as Electronic System Engineer, will be promoted to the role of Engineering Leader adding the coordination of all Engineering activities to his current job scope as responsible for the Electronic and Software Engineering Area.

At the same time, Emmanuel Di Manso, who joined TUC in February 2022, will be promoted to the Lead Mechanical Engineering role, supervising all the Mechanics Engineering activities.

The 3 Pillars of will be safeguarded by our 2 Lions.

The Talent Upgrade Course is the central hub for continuing the corporate strategy of attracting new talents for new job positions that will soon be announced. 

the reference email for this program is:  [email protected] 

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