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Introducing the pre-industrialized

Turin - TUC S.r.l presented the pre-industrial version of implemented on the Volkswagen MEB electric platform (courtesy provided by the VW group) in a digital world premiere. The patented TUC technology rationalizes and increases the entire electronic system of vehicles, allowing them to be digitized, personalized and modular. TUC is now compliant with the automotive world and is ready to be placed on the market.

TUC S.r.l is a company founded and led by Ludovico Campana and Sergio Pininfarina incubated in the Turin Polytechnic's incubator of innovative companies, presented the pre-industrialized version of in a Digital World Première. implemented on the Volkswagen MEB electric platform (courtesy provided by the VW group). is a simple but revolutionary infrastructure, which rationalizes and increases the entire electronic system of vehicles allowing them to be digitized, personalized and modular, moving the vehicle concept from defined to definable and allowing vehicle manufacturers to build today the car of the future. Furthermore, TUC is now compliant with the automotive world (OEM compliant) and is ready to be placed on the market: the industrial invention patent is perfectly compatible and functional with any vehicle. completely reformulates what users can do on board, transforms the use and meaning of the vehicle: from a pure mobility tool to a space in which to live and configure according to the needs of each user. The solution developed by TUC therefore makes it possible to drastically reduce the costs and assembly times of vehicles, while maintaining compliance with current safety laws and thus making an approved solution.

The pre-industrialized technology presented by TUC is not only compatible with existing vehicle platforms, but represents a valid alternative to the current vehicle production method: through the standard plug & play system, replaces a series of components that up to today they make the vehicle architecture obsolete. 

 "A technology is really great if it improves everyone's life", explains Ludovico Campana, co-founder, administrator and inventor of "It has always been a dream of mine to create a project aimed at transforming the use and meaning of the vehicle Today, thanks to TUC technology, the vehicle becomes a blank sheet on which everyone can draw on their experience and the concept of vehicle both internally and from the user experience. This allows us to create a private space in mass mobility and to reinvent the vehicle concept for the new company". 

"Today's presentation represents the achievement of the objectives we have set ourselves, adds Sergio Pininfarina Co-founder, administrator and commercial director of TUC - This system is so modular that it can be used according to the needs of the vehicle or the manufacturer, in thousands in various ways, we are finally ready to sell the licenses of this revolutionary patent to vehicle and component manufacturers. Today we have excellent partners with whom we have been able to demonstrate the functionality of and many companies interested in its use, now it's time to bring it to the market".

In addition to having pre-industrialized and implemented in the state-of-the-art  Volkswagen MEB platform provided by the Volkswagen group, TUC has built an ecosystem of partners with which the first plug & play components for and for the industries: a monocoque seat with the integration of an audio system, ambient-light and smartphone station with SABELT; seat deriving from the series production with all electric movement functions with ADIENT; 12 '' LCD shaped display with BOSCH; child seat with BeBeCare safety system and audio entertainment system for children with CHICCO; seat for disable people with swivel for easy access on board with GUIDOSIMPLEX; coffee machines that can be integrated in vehicles with LAVAZZA; the integration of the LA STAMPA information service and the RDS entertainment service into TUC-OS.

* For further information regarding the components made and the collaborations, please refer to the detail attached in the press kit: "FURTHER COLLABORATION”.

The pre-industrialization activity required an investment in the perspective of millions of euros by TUC S.r.l which for this reason decided to carry out a capital increase operation with the consequent entry of new shareholders.

Pietro Croce (Founder and CEO at Merope Asset Management), Dario Tosetti (Founder, President and CEO at Tosetti Value - The Family office), SABELT SPA (Company that produces passive safety systems for road and competition vehicles since 1972) and Enrico Boglione (CEO Aon Italia) are now joined by Amedeo Felisa (Engineer and former CEO of FERRARI SpA), Marco and Giorgio Tadolini (Megadyne group) and Plug & GO S.r.l a club deal with very important figures founded with the specific goal to finance TUC S.r.l 

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