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15/06/2020 & SABELT partner on future modular vehicles seats

From the collaboration between Sabelt and TUC comes a seat that looks to the future, a device designed for new ways of using the mobility space in vehicles, this collaboration is focused on realizing a smart and safe seat device.

"It is the second consecutive year that Sabelt decides to participate in the progress of, this year with the miniaturized and pre-industrialized TUC plug we have been able to create a seat that meets all safety and technology criteria and we are proud to participate in this renewal of the vehicle concept that TUC proposes".

- Massimiliano Marsiaj, Vice-president & Business Development SABELT -

"We are proud to see our partners follow us on our path, to date we have responded to the promises made with a technology compatible with existing electric platforms, I am proud to have followed the TUC side of the Sabelt device design, it is a concrete response to what industry is looking for the future of user experience in vehicles".

- Ludovico Campana, Administrator, Product Architect & Inventor of TUC-

Sabelt in collaboration with TUC has created a seat with the highest technology, a monocoque seat designed to be a real NEST for the user on the move. The seat integrates a directional audio system, a smartphone station for charging the smartphone and finally an ambient light system all summed up in a shell with integrated belts with maximum safety and technology.

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