Press Release

15/06/2020 & LaStampa collaborate to distribute the news in mobility

As a means of information, La Stampa needs to expand the platforms on which to distribute its content. In fact, in the ecosystem in which we live, we are used to coming into contact with our services regardless of the circumstances. Therefore, the context in which we find ourselves plays a role of fundamental importance since it can influence how we access the information we need.

Thanks to TUC technology, La Stampa expands its content distribution platforms and, by providing TUC with the articles it publishes online, through the platform, it allows passengers to read articles, watch videos and listen to podcasts shortly “PRINTING needs to distribute its contents everywhere, even inside a passenger compartment. Through the TUC platform we will be present with a type of offer that evolves as the format evolves and that changes as the user's use changes "

- LARA GAGLIARDI Head of digital business premium product La Stampa -

"It has always been our goal to create a technology capable of giving the user the tools necessary to satisfy their needs. The information service offered by LA STAMPA, through the TUC platform, is what we define the future of on-board entertainment "

- LUDOVICO CAMPANA, Co-Founder, Administrator & Inventor of TUC -

"The collaboration was centered on the desire to create an on board information service, allowing the user to happen to the digital content provided by the Press, through the TUC digital platform"

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