Press Release 14/06/2020

RDS join the mobility revolution with

Mobility is transforming day by day, with it the business models of the automotive sector and the ways in which contents are used. To keep up with this change, RDS takes part in the project by creating an app with a series of audio and video on demand and vertical channels for different styles and targets based on the TUC vehicle operating system.

"From today we create with TUC what is called a POC: a proof of concept on an innovative project we believe in. On the platform that manages the TUC interior, an app dedicated to the RDS world will be installed where it will be possible to choose on demand."

-Massimiliano Montefusco, General Manager of RDS 100% great success -

"I think it's a great demonstration of how entertainment should be in the future of mobility: your personal content anytime, anywhere in any vehicle. This is what can achieve today and this is what we have shown with RDS, I am proud of this first great result "

- Ludovico Campana, Co-Founder, Administrator & Inventor of TUC-

A function dedicated to the RDS world has been developed on the TUC app platform that manages the TUC interior, where it will be possible to choose on demand between RDS Next - the first cross-platform social radio - and RDS programming, creating a personal list to depending on your inclinations and interests. Furthermore, when, in a future that we believe is near, it will be possible to start automatic driving, we will arrive at the total customization of content with RDS SocialTV.

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