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TUC + GUIDOSIMPLEX collaborate to create the first ever Plug&Play seat for disable people

”TUC and GUIDOSIMPLEX thought that people with reduced mobility should have been part of this great initiative. The goal is to improve the mobility of people with reduced monitoring capacity, in order to guarantee them an experience on board that can support them in more specific experiences "

"As Guidosimplex we gave our best to participate in the creation of a product that could be adapted to the needs and characteristics of the TUC product"


“A technology is really great when it improves everyone's life. With this collaboration we have been able to demonstrate how simple it is to include such specific needs in the TUC vehicle "

- LUDOVICO CAMPANA Co-Founder, Administrator & Inventor of TUC -

A seat with translation and rotation functionality has been developed to facilitate access to the vehicle by a user with reduced mobility, perfectly compatible with the TUC interface"

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