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After weeks of discussions about the many great ideas received, our amazing jury voted and we are finally ready to say that the winner is...

C A L L – F O R – I D E A S

RE-IMAGINE THE VEHICLE (with TUC.technology)
Curated by Ludovico Campana, Organized by TUC.technology


When the whole world stopped for COVID-19, when all people were forced to stay at home for COVID-19, when personal freedom was reduced to us for COVID-19, the only thing that has never stopped is the creative power of people. 

We wanted to demonstrate that design brings people together even when you have to be far apart. This is the reason why we've created this competition, we wanted to keep people together under the sign of creativity. 

#StayAtHome but throw your ideas out & design something beautiful for the mobility world.  

First of all we want to thank all the thousands creatives from all over the world: Italy, USA, China, India, Uruguay, Israel, Bangladesh, Portugal, Netherlands, Indonesia and many more, who have chosen to participate to our contest (RE-IMAGINE THE VEHICLE (witch TUC.technology).

After many weeks of discussions about the many great ideas received, our amazing jury voted and we are finally ready to say that... 


1° MOP-UP by pixartidea 

The concept:

The project:




MOP-UP is a very well structured response to the urgent need to solve one of the main problems of shared use vehicles and services: hygiene and decontamination. They express their strong relevance to current and future problems, which have already emerged for some time for those accustomed to the use of car sharing and taxi transport.


Next appointment: September 10th, 2020 at the MAUTO - National Automobile Museum of Turin for the presentation of TUC.technology 2.0 and the awarding of MOP-UP, the winner of the TUC Award.

On this occasion we will also show the best finalist projects:

The finalist projects are made by: 

Dhiren Reger: Environment Seat, Djehovan Dhira: The Cube, Studio Bert Govers: Orbiter, Tóth Štefan: Yoga Pounch 



Benedetto Camerana (Architect & President at MAUTO)

Giorgetto Giugiaro (Designer e Entrepreneur)

Luca Ciferri (Associate Publisher & Editor @ Automotive News Europe)

Ludovico Campana (Co-Founder, Administrator & Inventor of TUC.technology)

Massimiliano Montefusco (General Manager RDS 100% grandi successi)

Paolo Pininfarina (President at Pininfarina S.P.A)

Sergio Pininfarina (Co-Founder, Administrator & Business Director of TUC) 

Roberto Giolito (Car Designer – Head of FCA Heritage)

Silvia Baruffaldi (Auto&Design Editor)


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