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BOSCH & TUC partner on TUC 2.0 Plug&Play display

Bosch has a clear vision of the future of mobility which will be not only autonomous and electric, but also connected and personalized. In this direction, the mobility trend pushes towards sharing and creating a market that requires flexibility also in the configuration of vehicles. In this context, the modular concept of TUC allows you to customize the experience of mobility, a theme that Bosch is interested in exploring.

"In addition to technological support, Bosch believes in the collaboration with TUC Technology and in the project innovation, which is in line with the opening to alternative businesses also through new partnerships and opportunities".

-THOMAS OPFERKUCH, Innovation manager Bosch Italy -

“The collaboration between Bosch and TUC is a proof of how disruptive our technology is. Thanks to the display provided by Bosch Engineering, we were able to create a highly technological dashboard from the automotive world by adapting it to the patented TUC Plug & Play connector. This shows how versatile and universal TUC Technology is ”.

- LUDOVICO CAMPANA, Co-Founder, Administrator & Inventor of TUC-

Bosch has chosen to collaborate with in the presentation phase of the prototype of the technology patented by TUC S.r.l, identifying a component that could be integrated quickly and sustainably within the prototype itself. For this, Bosch Engineering has provided a shaped 12 '' LCD display derived from a Bosch Cluster that has been properly installed in the prototype, with the aim of assessing the potential of TUC Technology.

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