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Luca Cordero di Montezemolo

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo is an Italian businessman, former Chairman of Ferrari, and formerly Chairman of Fiat S.p.A. and President of Confindustria and FIEG. He comes from an aristocratic family from the region of Piedmont in Italy. He graduated with a degree in law from La Sapienza University in 1971. Afterward, he studied for a master's degree in international commercial law at Columbia University. He is one of the founders and former president of NTV, an Italian company which is Europe's first private open access operator of 300 km/h (186 mph) high-speed trains. In 2009, Montezemolo founded Future Italy, a free market think tank that joined Civic Choice in the 2013 Italian parliamentary election.

Plug&GO s.r.l

Plug & Go is a club deal recently established in Milan by highly important figures to finance industrial developments of TUC S.r.l.


Safety since 1972 – Sabelt is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of original equipment car seats, motorsport products and seat belts for special applications in niche markets such as aerospace and aviation. The quality of Sabelt products is the result of intensive Research and Development which allows to achieve the highest levels of performance and safety. It has provided the top historical car manufacturers with innovative restraint systems for decades, combining a smart use of seat belts and seats for different applications: from the world of motorsport to the automotive industry and the aerospace. Today, Sabelt manufactures also seat belts and premium sport car seats for standard vehicles with a strong sports connotation, dedicated to an advanced and demanding driver, with a sensitive attention to details and a sport character.

Amedeo Felisa

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan, in 1972 he joined Alfa Romeo and in 1987 he became director of the "Product development" sector. In 1990 he was hired as technical director of Ferrari S.p.A, since 2013 incorporated into Ferrari N.V In 2001 he was appointed general manager of the "Granturismo" division, developing under the chairmanship of Luca Cordero di Montezemolo the two cars of the company's turning point, that of the F456 and F335 lines, becoming "the undisputed man of the GT" [ 2] and the "Ferrari of dreams". In 2006 he was general manager of the entire company, and then, from March 2008, he was managing director. In 2016. Felisa leaves after 26 years but remains on the organization chart as a member of the Board of Directors and technical consultant.

Marco e Giorgio Tadolini

Historical owners of Megadyne, founded in 1957 by the parents of Giorgio and Marco Tadolini, who has always dealt with belts, first in rubber and then also in polyurethane. Over the years, the headquarters has remained in Mathi, but the company has expanded to have two plants in the United States, as many in China, six in Europe, for a total of 1,700 employees. To consolidate its position as market leader, Megadyne focuses its efforts on the process of growth and market exploration in favor of strategic acquisitions that increase the product offering.

Dario Tosetti

Dario Tosetti is the founder, President and CEO of Tosetti Value, a leading Multi-Family Office financial advisory. A degree in Economics and Business from the University of Turin, in the past he served as Export Manager in the industrial sector, and as a Regional Manager in the banking industry. He is currently financial advisor to leading private and public institutions, providing advice on finance and asset management issues. He was President of the Private Equity, Hedge Funds and Multimanager Committees for the Università Cattolica’s Associazione Italiana Private Banking. He has published a number of financial education books, including “Il Family office“ published by Il Sole 24 Ore, “Difendere e far crescere i propri risparmi“ (Protecting and Increasing your Savings) published by Giappichelli and “Dal risparmio all’investimento“ (From Savings to Investment) published by Egea.

Pietro Croce

Pietro Croce is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Merope Asset Management, a leading Real Estate Investment and Development Company based in Milan. Merope is structured as a Private Equity firm, dedicated to prime Italian and International Family Offices and specialized in large-scale, complex Real Estate investments in prime locations, with the potential to create value added returns through development, repositioning and active asset management. Before founding Merope, Pietro Croce, 37 years old, graduated in Economics at the Catholic University of Milan and got a Master in Real Estate Finance at the Bocconi University. He worked first for JPMorgan Investment Bank and then for UBS Real Estate in Munich, London and Milan. Trusting TUC from the very beginning, Pietro Croce acted as a seeding investor, being the first one entering the share capital of TUC as an equity partner.

Enrico Boglione

Born in Turin on 7 June 1952, following a long career in the insurance brokerage sector, in January 2008 he joined the Aon Group as Executive Chairman of Aon Spa. Since May 2016 he has been CEO of Aon Italia. In 1974 he began his activity within the SAI Group. In 1977 he became a partner of the insurance brokerage company UTA, Technical Insurance Offices S.p.A. founded in Turin in 1933, where it holds the role of Managing Director. In 1991 he was appointed CEO of UTA Willis Corroon Italia S.p.A. company the same year following the entry of Willis Corroon into the UTA capital In 1992 he was appointed a member of the Wills Corroon European Board. In 1998 he became President and CEO of Willis Italia S.p.A. Company controlled by Willis Group Ltd. In 2000 he was appointed a member of the Willis Group Global Executive Council. In June 2004 he was appointed President of AIBA – Italian Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers. In December 2006 he left the Willis Group to enter the Aon Group in 2008.