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1. TUC plug

The "USB" of the connected mobility

The milestone of the future of vehicle interiors. TUC plug has the simple and revolutionary intuition of combining structural fastening, power supply and data flow in the same connector. A connector that summarizes all the ingredients necessary for the interior of future vehicles.


All in one, for everyone.

All in one, for everyone. Today in vehicles we see a diversity and not universality of wiring and management units, TUC summarizes everything in a single connector with maximum performance.


Only one gesture for unlimited possibilities.

It is a plug & play connector thanks to which we can make everything that is done in a solid way in the world of vehicles fluid and safe. In every position the component inside the vehicles have the perfect supply of data, power and structurally.


Multi-modal for a multi-tasking world.

TUC plug has been designed to guarantee maximum versatility, it allows you to anchor in any direction (360°) components in the vehicle and to be able to manage it directly without setting, truly a plug&play technology


A universal standard technology with ZERO battery impact.

The TUC plug is the result of an incredible engineering process, the connector has been miniaturized by 80% of the volume, reaching the ideal performance to be perfectly implementable and compatible in electric platforms and not only existing ones. today is implementing into a Volkswagens MEB platform supplied by the VW group.



TUC is strong than ever.

To be applicable in vehicles TUC had to withstand the maximum stresses, we checked everything, the maximum traction, the maximum compression on the shared based. the result is that the TUC connector meets all the required performance criteria to be implemented.


Always according to the LAW

The 13 fundamental regulation to approve a new technology in the automotive environment are NOT BOLKERS for Today TUC is fully homologable system for vehicles.


Standard for all the vehicles segments.

Scalability in this historical moment is a milestone for the mobility industry, for this reason we have created with the awareness of being applied in all vehicle segments and in all possible different applications. is for everyone


Standard for different type of components.

A technology is really great if, with simplicity, it manages to do very difficult things. This is exactly what does, TUC.plug® is also standard for all the components for the internal experience, seats, control panel or smart devices developed ad hoc for TUC.

TUC Architecture


The smartphone of vehicles

A layer of intelligent glue between the vehicle and components. TUC is a concept supported by technology to achieve it. Just like the smartphone that was made to be neutral, but at the moment of use it can be customized for each user, brings this concept to the world of mobility, offering to the vehicle manufacturers the technology and the intellectual property necessary to make it today the vehicle of the future.

11. LOGIC of the system

TUC.plug® +® + TUC.brain®

Everything is a matter of logic. with we have used all our creative possibilities to create a new management logic for the interior of vehicles. Today we are proud to say that TUC is a thinking and comprehensive system, a single system for different and sophisticated components.

12. TUC-OS

The universal language for the new kind of vehicles

TUC-OS® is a thinking and comprehensive system, it has been designed to be the English of cars, a universal language to manage the internal experience of digital and modular vehicles for a connected and personalized life. Finally, component and vehicle manufacturers will no longer need fragmented management systems but will be able to simply develop on the TUC-OS® development environment

13. UNIVERSAL CONTROL LANGUAGE, complexity simplified.

All the complexity of the different command for different components thanks to TUC-OS® now is in one app, the® the remote control of the personal vehicle space.

Assembly line optimization


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The main objective of the collaboration between ADIENT and TUC is to demonstrate that a component intended for large series and in production can be easily integrated with the patented TUC connector ensuring full functionality and safety. Adient has provided his experience to integrate a product deriving from the series, adapting it to the TUC 2.0 interface with "premium" features complete with all its electrical handling features as well as comfort such as massage, active ventilation and adjustable side panels.

Shaped 12 '' LCD display

Bosch has chosen to collaborate with TUC Technology in the presentation phase of the prototype of the technology patented by TUC, identifying a component that could be integrated quickly and sustainably within the prototype itself. For this, Bosch Engineering has provided a shaped 12'' LCD display derived from a Bosch Cluster that has been properly installed in the prototype, with the aim of assessing the potential of TUC Technology. In addition to technological support, Bosch believes in the collaboration with TUC Technology and in the innovative thrust of the project, in line with the opening to alternative businesses also through new partnerships and opportunities.


The seat developed by Chicco in collaboration with TUC, is a seat equipped with BebèCare, the first system that integrates the anti-abandonment sensors to detect the presence of the child on the seat, capable of activating alarm signals in case of loosening from the vehicle with the baby on board. The seat is equipped with an innovative speaker system integrated into the headrest which makes the travel experience even more fun thanks to the possibility of listening to music, lullabies, fairy tales or games to be played together with the whole family. In fact, in the development of the concept, the serenity of parents and children has been placed at the center, in addition to safety.


TUC and GUIDOSIMPLEX thought that people with reduced mobility should have been part of this great initiative. The goal is to improve the mobility of people with reduced monitoring capacity, in order to guarantee them an experience on board that can support them in more specific experiences. A seat with translation and rotation functionality has been developed to facilitate access to the vehicle by a user with reduced mobility, perfectly compatible with the TUC interface


Lavazza and TUC in the face of a fruitful collaboration that resulted in the presentation on 28.09.2018 of the first prototype of a coffee machine integrated in a vehicle, continue the project already started today. TUC and Lavazza worked together to demonstrate the communication and connection capacity between the coffee machine and the TUC connector. This second phase was characterized by the desire to optimize the system already developed: greater attention to the customer experience, miniaturization of the component and more attractive aesthetics.


From the collaboration between Sabelt and TUC comes a seat that looks to the future, a device designed for new ways of using the mobility space in vehicles, this collaboration is focused on realizing a smart and safe seat device. Sabelt in collaboration with TUC has created a seat with the highest technology, a monocoque seat designed to be a real NEST for the user on the move. The seat integrates a directional audio system, a smartphone station for charging the smartphone and finally an ambient light system all summed up in a shell with integrated belts with maximum safety and technology.


RDS takes part in the project by creating an app with a series of on-demand audio and video and vertical channels for different styles and targets based on the TUC vehicle operating system. A function dedicated to the RDS world has been developed on the TUC app platform that manages the TUC interior, where it will be possible to choose on demand between RDS Next - the first cross-platform social radio - and RDS programming, creating a personal list to depending on your inclinations and interests. In addition, when, in a future that we believe is near, it will be possible to start automatic driving, we will arrive at the total customization of content with RDS SocialTV.


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