PRESS KIT is an internationally patented technology that combines in an integrated hardware and software different technologies: a digital / structural connector (the usb of mobility), a super computer connected to the cloud (TUC brain) and a power network and connection via optical fiber that creates a highly digitized and connected network system.

Thanks to a pioneering software and app – the true TUC – TUC.Technology remote control – allows users to control the entire vehicle experience from users’ personal devices. is a simple and revolutionary infrastructure, it is the basis on which to build the vehicles of the new incredibly powerful and connected mobility that breaks into an era of power and sophistication of mobility never seen before and completely redefines what users can to do on board the vehicles. redesigns the meaning of a vehicle by transforming its use, from a single product defined for everyone to an experience that every individual can define at will, thus adapting it to the new, increasingly digitized society. is a revolutionary technology that rationalizes and increases the entire electronic system of vehicles, enabling them to be digitized, customized and modular, allowing the car of the future to be realized today. is a digital / structural connector is a digital / structural connector that can be implemented in the design phase or restyling in the frame of the main means of transport that allows you to have a highly technological plug where, thanks to the development of a unique fixing method, you can anchor with a single gesture , feed and connect any element constituting the mobility experience (seats, dashboard, screens or special experiences developed ad hoc)

The TUC connector is the USB of mobility.

The pioneering TUC digital / structural connector allows mobility players to create vehicles designed for change and personalization.
Just like a smartphone, the vehicle can have an exterior defined according to the brand’s DNA and a fully customizable interior with the experiences that best meet the needs of users. This means that the vehicle is a platform to “furnish” different markets and specific cultures differently for different targets (young people, adults, the elderly, the disabled) without having to redesign the vehicle as a whole.

The TUC digital / structural connector is equipped with a comprehensive fastening system and a power supply system capable of understanding when a component is engaged and thus locking securely. For the data connection we invented the Zero Gravity Connector® to pass data in the optical fiber at the speed of light, is designed to zero the alterations from the dynamics of the vehicle. is a super computer connected to the cloud is a super computer connected to the cloud, TUC brain was invented to facilitate the management and exchange of data between the vehicle, the user and the cloud, it is connected in turn to the user’s personal devices to manage and configure the vehicle’s internal experience directly from smartphones.

TUC brain is the star center, the operator of the entire system, is able to translate virtual commands via app into real commands managing the components inside the vehicle, thanks to the invention of TUC-OS® a pioneering operating system and a unique and revolutionary PROTO-TUC® communication protocol capable of sending data via optical fiber at an unprecedented rate in mobility vehicles. is a network system for powering and connecting data via optical fiber is a network system for powering and connecting data via optical fiber, to digitize and connect to the network while at the same time powering the entire internal system of the vehicle.

We invented TUC-network®, a completely new cabling that combines in a single solution two great technical aspects, the power supply and the data connection, TUC network® allows us to rationalize the entire electronic system of the interior of the vehicles in a unique intelligent wiring, revolutionary in its simplicity. and partners has kicked off the TUC technology with a feasible revolution in the mobility world, responding to the needs linked to the change of the mobility paradigm in the society to which vehicle manufacturers will have to respond.
In fact, the mobility paradigm is shifting from the concept of product to a service-centric approach. today presented the future of mobility with partner as a developers like TUC Adient, BasicNet, Lavazza, Sabelt and Samsung (technology provider)

The great potential offered by TUC technology has made it possible to jointly develop the first four smart devices for new mobility:

  • The Adient seat is a type of comfortable seat designed for urban travel,the fast ones that we imagine in a car sharing where thanks to the TUC technology we can manage the controls, the airbags, the belts and the settings of the component, at the base there is the desire to show how even a product already on the market can be easily converted to TUC technology and allow the builder a change to the future.
  • The Sabelt seat designed to be our personal cradle in mobility, is a seat that looks to the future, linking safety and comfort, the user is immersed in the Sabelt world and the monocoque seat that thanks to the TUC connectivity becomes a real and an interactive seat that can recreate the space according to the preferences set in the TUC app.
  • The screen developed by TUC with Samsung technology is a giant high-definition smart screen with integrated audio developed with the highest technology, this unique device has the ability to have on screen two different worlds, the first for travel information and the second for on-board entertainment.

The Lavazza Device is a revolutionary experience for long journeys, a beautiful travel mini bar with a minimal and functional design that thanks to the intelligence of TUC manages to deliver coffee in mobility as in the bar.

The ecosystem of Partners that TUC has achieved is constantly growing day by day, this will allow us to open new economies and new worlds to offer the user on the move.

“TUC is the standard for future mobility”.


TUC s.r.l is an innovative start-up in accordance with the law. is headquartered in Turin, Italy is incubated at I3P (the incubator of innovative companies of the Polytechnic University of Turin) and is focused on the development, production and marketing of innovative products and services with high technological value such as TUC technology.
The company was founded by Ludovico Campana and Sergio Pininfarina on May 8, 2018 in Turin, after years of work, research and development of TUC technology.
The company is managed by Ludovico Campana and Sergio Pininfarina.
Ludovico Campana is Inventor of TUC technology, Administrator and Project Director.
Sergio Pininfarina is Administrator and Business Director.

We work by involving the best excellences in every sector to create revolutionary and concrete results every day, in everything we do. “


LUDOVICO CAMPANA – Co-Founder, Inventor, and Administrator
Is a professional in the world of design, he has developed style and identity in Italy and abroad, succeeding over the years in obtaining important global recognition and working on publications in the most influential platforms in the sector. He attended the IED Turin and immediately began his professional career as Automotive & Mobility Designer from 2014 to 2017 with responsibility for managing projects related to mobility, Human Machine Interface, Product Design and Transportation Design thanks to which he was able to touch the whole process from the conception to the realization of a product and touch the dynamics and the new needs of the automotive industry. In the past he was a professor at IED Turin and today he is committed to revolutionizing the concept of mobility with TUC technology.

Sergio Pininfarina – CoFounder, Administrator and Business Director

He has always been a family in the automotive sector, and holds a degree in Industrial Design from the Polytechnic University of Turin. The study path has been alternated with training experience in the world of cars. At the same time he started a training course in Granstudio from 2012 to 2015, thanks to which he touched the research on Driverless car and mobility studies, and then entered the team of researchers of Design innovation in Milan from 2015 to 2016 (linked reality) to innovation and research) thanks to which it will develop research for the CRF (Fiat Research Center). Thanks to these experiences, he gained research skills in the following areas: Smart Mobility, Driverless Car and Connected Car and Business Management.

TUC S.r.l has undertaken an industrial partnership with CANAVESE INSIDE, a network of companies with which it has developed the TUC prototype and has planned its future development.