From right: Ludovico Campana ( Co-Founder, Administrator & Inventor of and Sergio Pininfarina ( Co-Founder, Administrator & Business Director)

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TUC Technology – The USB of connected mobility

Torino – Nuvola Lavazza – 28 September 2018 – TUC Technology revolutionizes the concept of vehicle.

TUC S.r.l. presented today TUC Technology – an international patented technology that combines in an integrated Hardware/Software system
different technologies: A digital/structural connector (the USB of mobility), a super computer connected to the Cloud (TUC Brain) and a
fiber optic energy network that creates an high digitalised and connected system.

Thank to the pioneering software and to the app – the remote controller of TUC – TUC Technology allows the users to control the
whole on board experience from their own personal devices.

TUC Technology in a simple yet revolutionary infrastructure, is the basis to develop the new mobility vehicles, incredibly powerful and connected to redefine the whole on board users experience.

TUC Technology redesign the meaning of vehicle, changing the use, form a single and defined product for everybody, to a personal experience
that anyone can customise according to the needs, getting straight away into the new society every day more connected and digitalised.

“TUC Technology represent a huge step forward, opening new frontiers in the mobility world – has said Ludovico Campana, Co-Founder,
Administrator and Inventor of the TUC technology – for the first time in the history we are going to be able to offer private spaces in the
mass mobility”.

“With TUC Technology we finally have the chance to offer to the vehicles and components developers a solution to face the change of
the mobility paradigm”. – Has said Sergio Pininfarina, Co-Founder, Administrator and Business Director.

“The innovation is sensibly transforming the transports and mobility sector, and the today’s presentation project us in the not too distant
Future – Jean Todt, FIA President – “Imagining the mobility of tomorrow, especially as a service, leads to a deep conceptual
rethinking in this sense, TUC Technology is innovative and particularly stimulating: creates a model of vehicle highly
customisable and constantly connected and adjustable to different uses”.

“TUC Technology impressed me since the beginning – Luca Cordero di Montezemolo – I have straight away believed in this as an opportunity
and a potential for the mobility world, which is today in a major breakthrough, the aspect of this new technology that impressed me the
most is that at the same time is revolutionary and overall simple”.

TUC Technology is a digital/structural connector – To implement in the design phase or restyling the chassis of the main means of transport
that allows to have an highly technologic plug, with a unique structural fixing system that let us, with a single gesture, to power
and connect any element part of the mobility experience. (Seats, Dashboards, Screens or other Special Parts developed ad hoc)

TUC Technology is the USB connected mobility – The pioneering digital/structural TUC connector, let the mobility players to create
the vehicles thought for the change and for the customisation Just like a smartphone, the vehicle can have an exterior defined
according to the brand DNA and an interior totally customisable with experiences according to the users needs. That means that the vehicle
become a platform to furnish in different ways for different targets, different markets and different cultures, not redesigning the vehicle
as a whole.

The digital/structural TUC connector is equipped with a comprehensive fixing system and with a power system that understands when the device
in grafted in order to block it safely and securely. With regards to the data connection we have invented the Zero Gravity
Connector ®, letting the data flow passing through the fiber optic at the speed of light, minimising the movements of the vehicle dynamic.

TUC Technology is a super computer connected to the Cloud – TUC Brain has been invented to manage and the data exchange between the vehicle,
the user and the cloud, connected to the personal devices to manage and configure directly from the smartphone the vehicle and user

TUC Brain is the star point, the manager of the entire system, is able to translate the virtual commands through the app, managing the components inside the vehicle, thank to TUC-OS R, a pioneering operative system and to a new comunication protocol, PROTO-TUC ®, unique and revolutionary, able to transmit trough the fiber optic at an unprecedented speed in the mobility vehicles.

TUC Technology is a network system that powers and connects through fiber optic – Digitalising and connecting and at the same time power
the whole system inside the vehicle.

We have invented TUC-Network R, a totally new wiring system that combines in a unique solution two different technical aspects, power
and data connection, TUC-Network makes the entire electronic system smart and autonomous, revolutionary in its simplicity.

TUC Technology and Partners

TUC Technology has begun a realistic revolution in the mobility world, answering to the needs connected to the change of the mobility
paradigm, in the current society. The mobility paradigm is moving form a product centric experience to a service centric experience.

TUC Technology has presented the future of mobility, including on the process partners like; Advent, BasicNet, Lavazza, Sabelt and Samsung.

The great potential of TUC Technology made the first four smart devices taking place in the new mobility world.

The Advent Seat – An extremely comfortable seat create for urban trips on an every day basis, in a car sharing reality, being able to manage
the controls, the airbags, the seat belts, and every and each setting. This allows us to explain and show how a product already in the market
can be easily converted to the TUC Technology letting the industry change to the future.

The Sabelt Seat – Conceived to be our own mobility cradle, a seat that looks at the future, bonding together safety and comfort, the user in
the Sabelt world and the monocoque seat can reinvent the whole space according to the users needs thank to the TUC connectivity system.

The screen developed by TUC on the Samsung technology – Is an HD smart screen integrated and developed at the top of the technology
available, divided in two sections, on a side the trip and vehicle infos, on the other side the whole experience of the entertaining on

The Lavazza device – Is a revolutionary experience especially for the long trips, a beautiful mini bar, with a minimal design that with TUC
Technology is able to deliver coffee in the mobility experience, just like at the bar.

The ecosystem of partners joining TUC is consistently growing and will let us open and explore new economies and new worlds for the mobility

TUC is the standard of the new mobility.


TUC signs with Canavese Inside a partnership as a industrial partner

TUC signs with Canavese Inside a partnership sa a industrial partner


TUC is Finalist at FIA global startup Contest

TUC was selected from 11 best European startup and was selected as a finalist


TUC technology formalizes the partnership with SABELT

TUC technology formalizes the partnership with SABELT for the realization of an high technology device


TUC technology now is Incubated i3p

TUC technology is incubated in the incubator of the innovative enterprises of Turin Polytechnic



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